Friday, May 9, 2014

A bad picture is actually a beautiful sight!

This is a black lab mix that was rescued by California Labrador Retrievers and More in San Diego, and then enrolled in California Dog University in Temecula to be trained as a service dog.  His name has been changed along the way from unknown, to Morris, to Buster, to Prometheus as he traveled his educational journey winning the hearts of many people along the way.
This dog holds a special place in every heart he touches. Something in his eyes speaks to your soul, and something in his hugs heals your wounds.
We are proud to have this amazing dog curled up at his trainer, Nick Chaisson's feet in this picture, as they prepare for their flight to take off from San Diego. This lucky dog has earned his way to the greatest honor of being a certified Service Dog for a soldier that was drastically injured in Afghanistan, ultimately sacrificing the loss of one leg and multiple other injuries.
Brian, our Hero, and Prometheus (his new service dog) will now spend their days together, sharing stories and creating new memories.
It has been an honor to meet you both.