Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Treat Training

When training a dog, many people resort to using treats. While although this can be a nice quick method to get immediate results in the beginning.......it will create more bad, or lazy behavior from your dog, later.

 When treats are used in training it can promote a very poor work ethic in a dog. In other words, a dog will only work when offered or shown a treat!  This can create a major problem if you do not always want to be carrying beef jerky treats all day long!

 When training a dog to perform from respect, and for life, you must build the desire in the dog to work for YOU, because that is what is what he wants to do. Not because he is being bribed!

My favorite treat to use, is M&M's.  NOT FOR THE DOG!!!! For ME! 
 Training takes a lot of patience, and I reward myself often. It is a little reward system for me, to have more patience to build the strong work ethic in the dog. For the dog, I usually use getting attention from me, as their reward.  It makes me very popular with the dogs.

 I know, I know...maybe I shouldn't get treats either?....Don't worry......we will work on my behavior later! (maybe)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Crates, Kennels, and Dungeons?


Many people refuse to use a crate in the training and raising of their dog. They feel guilt when introducing a crate into their dog's life. They feel it is a cage, a dungeon, and a punishment.

 If you have raised children that are over the age of middle school, then you may recall sending your child to their room for negative behavior. When you did this, your intention was to interfere the bad behavior and to give the child a safe place to recollect their composure, before anyone lost their temper.

 Most likely, you did not send your child to a cold basement, but rather to their fully decorated bedroom, filled with their favorite books, toys, soft bed, and personal treasures.
Try to imagine your dog's crate exactly that- a beautiful place, a happy place, to be calm.