Monday, May 2, 2011

Crate Training Pros and Cons

   Crate training seems to be a touchy subject for many dog owners. It tends to be a love 'em or leave 'em subject. The people who love crates, vow their dogs are cozy and happy while in their crate. People who detest them, just don't have them.
A Dog House is Accepted By Everyone, While a Crate is Controversial.
   The fact is; it is natural for a dog to enjoy being in his den. Any small covered place provides a secure feeling to your dog. Chances are if you don't have a crate or kennel for your dog to cozy up in then he will find one for himself. Perhaps you've seen him cuddled under your desk, under a table, or even a bed. His den may not have a gate and lock, but once he likes his home-made den, he would not care if it did lock.
So, while many people refer to a crate as boxed up, caged, or confined, the real point is that your dog is thriving in his natural state and enjoying being in his own special den. When a crate is used properly, your dog does not care if the door is opened or closed. He feels secure.
There is a Right and Wrong Way to Introduce a Crate.
   Do not go buy a crate, put your dog in there and go out for the evening. A crate should be introduced to your dog in a positive manner; the same way a dog will find his own den. If you contantly lock your dog up in the laundry room and leave, your dog will hate the laundry room.
   Proper introduction includes a nice bed to lay on, short bits of time in the crate while you are home, and increasing time limits in the crate only after successful and peaceful times in his new home. Giving a special treat while in the crate is a bonus too.
Babies are Never Left Unattended. Your Puppy is Your Baby.
  Consider the safety issues alone, for reasons to begin with crate training. A puppy can tally up a huge medical expense, illness, and possible death from ingesting household products, plants, and furniture while you are out.
To Crate or Not To Crate?
  That is a question that many dog owners battle with. I think the best way to solve this dilemma is to get a crate and chances are very certain that your dog will decide for you.
  Perhaps we should change the name from kennel or crate, to den or bedroom, and it would change the feelings some people associate to the crate that ruins the dogs' chances of getting his own haven.
  I have trained many people (although I am a dog trainer) to understand their dog's true feelings about the crate. Once you watch your dog go into the crate on his own, simply to hang out, then you will realize what a treat crate training is to your dog.

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