Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just say NO!

March 2011 Monthly training tip from Dogtopia Newsletter:
   “Just say NO!” We hear the slogan all the time for the subject of kids and drugs. But does it really work?
   Telling our kids one time not to do drugs does not prevent or protect them from using drugs. But consistently talking to our kids about the effects of using drugs can make a positive difference.  Consistency is the key.

Is that the kitchen table?  Yep!  Say NO!!!!!!!

   Telling our dogs “no” once, or ten times, may not stop the dogs’ unwanted behavior, and may even cause more confusion or excitement in his actions.  However, when modifying human behavior, or when trying to establish a new habit, or deter an old bad habit, we suggest performing the new habit 100 times before it takes affect.
    I use that same rule for training dogs.  Have your dog perform the new habit 100 times before you get frustrated.  The new habit will usually be successfully learned before you reach the hundredth attempt, but this way you don’t quit after 25 attempts!
   Usually naughty dog behavior is a learned habit, or simply because they are having fun. Dogs don’t plot, scheme, or conspire to do bad things. There are emotional and live in the moment. That’s why we love them, and why they still love us! When they ate your couch, sprinklers, or shoes they were probably just having a great celebration!
   Help your dog make good choices and “Just say No.”  One hundred times!

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