Monday, November 14, 2011

Dogs Escaping The Yard

How to keep your dogs from escaping from your yard.First things to look at, or realize, is why are your dogs leaving your yard? Have you expressed the boundaries clearly to your dog? Is your dog in heat, is your dog male and still not neutered? is your dog getting proper exercise and socialization?where does your dog go when he leaves your yard? does a neighbor give treats, is there a cat or rabbit to chase? Does he return on his own, or is he running away from home?After these questions are answered, and these variable needs are fulfilled or extinquished, we are now eliminating all, except, proper boundary training. We are eliminating all the rest, because if you fulfill or fix those elements, you will probably see your dog stays home. If the problem continues, then you still have this one last solution.Boundary training can exist at one door, one room, limiting a position in the car, or an entire piece of property. It is Important to let your dog clearly understand where he may or may not go. If he is jumping over a wall, you will need to walk the dog through the yard on a loose lead, giving a correction of pulling on the leash, paired with a verbal no, when the dog attempts to launch the wall or fence. This correction should be done at the beginning muscle movements of the launch, before the dog is airborne. we are trying to stop the behavior before it happens, and better yet, the thought, before the action.Practice telling your dog to stay at open fences, while you are crossing the boundary. a long lead is a safe way to do this, tethering it behind him, until you are confident in your communication with your dog.To complete your boundary training with your dog, you will need to let your dog know the rules are firm whether you are home or not. complete this by staging a surveillance, letting your dog expect you are not home, then surprise him in his attempt to escape. congratulations! Your dog now understands and thanks you for your clarification of your rules.

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