Saturday, February 2, 2013

Crates, Kennels, and Dungeons?


Many people refuse to use a crate in the training and raising of their dog. They feel guilt when introducing a crate into their dog's life. They feel it is a cage, a dungeon, and a punishment.

 If you have raised children that are over the age of middle school, then you may recall sending your child to their room for negative behavior. When you did this, your intention was to interfere the bad behavior and to give the child a safe place to recollect their composure, before anyone lost their temper.

 Most likely, you did not send your child to a cold basement, but rather to their fully decorated bedroom, filled with their favorite books, toys, soft bed, and personal treasures.
Try to imagine your dog's crate exactly that- a beautiful place, a happy place, to be calm.

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