Sunday, February 15, 2015

Coffee Rocks!

   I have a daily coffee that is my rock....literally! It is a rock with the inscription, "One Day At A Time" that sits on top of my coffee pot that I pick up in my hands every morning to fill my coffee machine. My rock reminds me every day of why I am here, that I am STILL here, and that TODAY is the most important day of my life!

   Everyone's life has ups and downs, that's just "life". But  when we focus on today as our life's goal, we catch a lot of things before they go sour, and soak up the good stuff more intensely. Living one day at a time is how we make it through the bad days, and how we look forward to the next day. Worrying about tomorrow will not let you enjoy today.

   I always say dogs live in a 4 second world. If you have a bad 4 seconds with your dog, start over with a new attitude and the next 4 seconds could be better. Then repeat, over and over. Nothing seems too bad this way, and you can feel very successful quickly.

   My husband and I are married for today. By being married one day at a time, we have learned our good behavior should not be taken for granted, and to control our bad behavior before it causes an explosion.  Because for today....this is all the time we have together, and I want to cherish every moment with this man.

 Trust me...there are days where we call "quiet time" in order to make it through the day! We firmly respect this boundary and our result is we watch a good TV show together with no interruptions. or take some personal time for ourselves that makes us miss each other, creating a whole new feeling.

   Evaluating your dog's behavior one day at a time will also prevent major problems from occurring, and improve behavior each day. I love when someone calls me to explain their dog's behavior that changed today! I can solve that over the phone! One day at a time is a perfect way to keep on track whether it be our relationships, our budget, our diet, or our dogs.

   Do I plan for the future? Absolutely.  I budget, make goals, and dream of my future adventures. But my main focus is enjoying this moment; every breath, every loved one, every flower, and every dog.....One Day At A Time!

Today, God has blessed me again.

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