Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Your dog calls, "Shotgun!"

Whether a quick trip to the park, a weekend vacation, or a complete relocation...

There are a few tips that can make traveling in the car more enjoyable. Keep in mind, the attitude of the dog that you put into the car....is usually setting the mood for your traveling companion!  If you think it is cute that your dog goes ballistic when you prompt him in an excited voice, "Do you wanna go for a ride? Do ya? Do ya?"  Well.....then you will probably need to appreciate his "excitement" at each stop light, each dog in passing, and each person approaching your car.

Please remember....It is YOU that creates the dog you have!

By breeding excitement, your results will be reactions of excitement for all sorts of conditions. It may sound boring to direct you to calmly walk your dog to the car, only let him jump in the car on direction, and to sit politely while on the ride, but this set of instruction breathes good manners!

Good manners are not boring. It is called, "BALANCE".

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