Monday, December 19, 2011

Introducing a new dog into your home

Congratulations on your new canine member of the family!

Getting a new dog can be exciting, but the best way to introduce your new dog to your home, your family, and other dog members of your with little to no excitement at all!

In order to establish a great foundation of how daily  life is going to be in your household, DAY ONE is the most important day to set the lifestyle and boundaries. I suggest taking the new dog straight from the car to out on a nice long, quick paced walked.  If you have another dog, this should be a PACK WALK.

There are different variables to consider that may change my prescription;  age of each dog, immunizations up to date, any previous aggression, etc.  However, a good long walk is still going to be the best introduction to new dogs, your neighborhood, and your home.

Walking a dog properly is always important. Please read our other blogs on LEASH WALKING to ensure the walk is packed with benefits.

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