Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rainy Day Dog Survival Tips

Rainy Day Survival Tips
    Rainy days can cause a commotion for dogs and their owners. Muddy paws and extra energy mixed with indoors is not favorable to most people. I get tons of calls on rainy days about dogs that are usually potty trained that are having accidents on the carpet.

    To ensure survival throughout the rainy season, of your carpet AND your sanity, realize that a rainy day does not eliminate your pups play drive and energy source. If we did not trek our self to the Gym, only because of the rain, it would not stop the calories from settling in on our hips.

    Accessorize yourself with a raincoat, and explore the outdoors with your dog. Not only will it drain excess energy, for both of you, but will give your dog an array of new smells that the rain stirs up. By being with your dog, it will reassure you that your dog has eliminated outside. By completing a walk, and witnessing the potty outside, it will allow you, and your dog to have a restful rainy day.

    If your California skin just can't walk in the rain, take some time to work with your dog on basic obedience in the house. A training session usually exhausts the dogs brain and the body, when done properly. Remember not to hype the dog up, but to give directed and focused commands with only rewarding successful behaviors. Make your dog think, and make him work.

   Enjoy the rain, and your dog, because everyday is a Dog Gone Good Life!

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