Monday, February 6, 2012

Americas Dogs are Getting Fat!

America is notoriously known for a nation being plaque with weight issues. Our fast food smothered in oils and our super sized quantities ensure we continue to battle the bulge.
   According to the nation's latest veterinary surveys, our four legged friends are wagging their way to obesity also. Good Morning America reported over half the nation’s dogs are overweight!
   In nature, a dog does not become overweight, nor will they starve themselves to death. Are we to blame for putting this predicament on our beloved friends? Are squirrels caught in the wild a low fat healthy choice, or do dogs just not pile an extra bunny in their bowl for lack of flavor?
   America loves dogs. We adorn them in t-shirts and celebrate their birthdays! We would never purposely harm our dogs, yet obesity shortens the time we can spend together.
   Dog food bags with pictures of vegetables make us feel we are making healthy decisions for our best friends, yet often consist of fatty fillers. The price of a truly healthy dog food can restrict it to a privileged pack!
   Living on a budget, the joke in our house is to eat your meal while on the treadmill, and rinse vegetables thoroughly to flush the pesticides, as we avoid lower fat and organic prices.
   I have learned life preserving skills to keep my family of human and canine fit and trim, despite my frugalness. It is a two for one benefit when we share a walk with our dog. Joining a gym and a doggy daycare is another way to ensure we exercise regularly. We measure our meals because portion control always prevents overeating, for those with two or four legs! Any small steps to ensure more exercise and less eating will help keep both our bodies in better shape.
Everyday we try to make better choices, for ourselves and our dogs. Limiting the bad and enhancing the good, to balance ourselves for both our health, and our soul. Our goal is to make every day.... a Dog Gone Good Day!


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