Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easy Training for your Dog

Stop! Take Your Hands Off The Dog!

There are some basic rules that can help any person train any dog. I always tell my clients 2 rules.  Number one....At all times in your dogs' life, you are either training the dog, or the dog is training you!
Number two.... Any time you pet your dog, you are rewarding the behavior the dog is doing at that exact moment!  Yikes! Yes, if your dog is barking and you pick him up, or pet him to quiet him, it may stop the barking, but in the long scheme of things, you will have trained your dog to continue to bark in that same situation next time.

A dog is simple. A dog doesn't scheme, plot, or take revenge.  They don't hold a grudge or need Dr. Phil....and that's why we love them! They love us unconditionally and return for more love after being turned away.  They are our best friends, but we need to remember they are animals, and most importantly....they are a dog. They have dog needs, and dog behavior, and dog rules, and dog language.

Trying to treat a dog like a human, only creates a messed up dog. Dogs don't want to be the leader, but they seek a leader to follow. They also can't handle all our emotional baggage.  That's what Dr. Phil is for! 

So, keep it simple, make it clear, and love em up....and you will always have a best friend for life!



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