Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Front Door Training for Dogs Made Easy!

The Prize is Behind Door #1

Training a dog at the front door is so simple once you realize the value of what you are offering.

Is your dog bolting out the door, jumping on guests, acting wild and crazy as you are trying to take him out for a walk?

If you have attended any of our classes and in home training, you know we would say... why is the dog at the door to begin with.... if he can't behave?  I have kids and if they whined the whole ride (or even partial) on the way to Disneyland....they knew they would not be entering those pearly gates!

To have a successful walk with your dog, you need to start with a calm dog. A calm dog is not panting, drooling, scratching, jumping, etc.  A calm dog is looking like he is bored. 

Sound impossible? It's not. ALL dogs can achieve this calmness. Recollect a time when you have seen your dog totally relaxed at some moment in it's life. Now, you just have to learn how to have this happen more often! You control the volume.... just keep reading with us....

For this post, we are going to focus on the door, and being calm at the door. Imagine the door as a million bucks to your dog. It is only offered, or opens, only when he remains calm. It is taken away, or closed, as he shows signs of excitement. 

Don't go too quickly. This is where everyone messes up. Touching the door knob may create the dog's change in behavior. If he can't be calm with you touching the handle, he absolutely can not be calm with the door open. 

You should never pay out the paycheck (or reward) if the dog did not perform the work.  For every time your dog is calm you can open the door. If your dog can not be calm, walk away from the door. Game over, try again later.

Dogs are simple, and respond and react simply for emotional reasons that have been reinforced....by you.

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