Friday, December 7, 2012

Dog Toys and Rules that Go With Them

Too Much Access and Too Many Toys?

People seem to understand that a child that is given everything, never learning to earn, and never learning to respect what they have will grow into a needy and selfish child with very little manners.

This also happens with dogs.

Many homes that I visit have a basket full of toys available to their dog at all times, yet the dog is still eating their carpet, furniture, shoes, and house.  People offer toys with hopes the dog will choose to chew on the toys, in lieu of the couch.

A dog does not automatically understand that your stuffed couch is off-limits, and the stuffed duck is a toy. Dogs need to learn what is ok to chew and what is not ok to chew. All dogs are perfectly capable of understanding this when taught with no confusion.

A dog should be offered a toy, for displaying good behavior, like a child is rewarded a sticker on their chart for completing chores. One sticker, not a trip to Disneyland, everyday.

A living room filled with toys for a dog to play constantly, only promotes a dog that must be constantly entertained. Our goal is to create a calm a balanced dog. 

Spoiling your dog and indulging your dog in activity and affection in every moment, creates a dog that will not sit idle for you when necessary.

If your dog is not behaving the way you want him to...try to look closer to see if you raised your dog to be that way. Ouch.

Responsible parenting is important for K9 children too!

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