Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why do I keep training but can't get it right?

How does your life effect your dog training?

   If you have trained with me before then you know I say a dog won't listen to yelling or anxiety, and won't listen to weak or wobbly. A dog follows calm and balanced leadership. The best leaders strive forward because of their calm balance that they display or a regular or continued basis. 
   People are attracted to strength and leadership, but dogs won't follow anything else.
    If you are having trouble getting your dog to come when called, to stay when told, or to greet you calmly....then dare to venture that you may not be performing in your best leadership role! Perhaps you are lacking balance. Even the most balanced folk will crack in certain situations. The key is to get back up, and regain your pose.
   In order to succeed in our lives, we must breathe, eat, drink, play, pray, and plan....or something of that order but if and when it is all out of whack, off kilter, or in dismay....we notice upset, imbalance, anxiety, weight or health issues, and mood swings.
   Not only are these events or actions not beneficial to us physically, mentally, or professionally...they are detrimental in the relationship with your dog. 


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