Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for Barkiing

We all have our breaking points. We all have triggers that make us tense.  So, how do we extend our snapping point so that we don't crack?

Deep breathing, patience, gratitude.

Barking drives me crazy. Ironic, since I am a dog trainer and you would think I would become immune to the bark. Nope.

When I was a cop, I could not stand the siren.

Loud noises make me tense. So how do I survive in a world of loud?

I take note of the loud noises, and realize that I am alive. I use gratitude to say, "Thank you God for allowing me to be among the chaos, to be able to experience today.

Today is Thanksgiving. In my background noise, I hear a shrill whine of my dog in training, a neighbor dog barking like it does everyday, and I am so thankful for the dog I am able to train, and for the neighborhood I live in.

Today, I hope to hold my crying grandson, because that noise is the most beautiful noise that I could be surrounded by.

Enjoy your day, live with patience, and harvest the gratitude we are able to have.

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