Thursday, December 4, 2014

You Can Lead a Dog to Water

Just because you lead the dog to the water bowl, does not mean he will drink. Taking him 14 times still does not improve the amount of water he will drink. Your dog has 4 legs. When he is thirsty, he will search relentlessly to find the water.

When people dress me up it does not make me happy, it makes me uncomfortable. When I buy a car on impulse, I have buyers remorse. When I choose to change something for myself....I harvest that desire, and stretch until I reach that goal.

At California Dog University, we answer every call, but we never stalk you. We don't cram your inbox, yet we offer tons of information on this blog and webinars. When someone is ready to train, willing to try, and seeking success...we are here 100%.

We consider ourselves your partner in training; a coach that will guide, motivate, and encourage to each team member that shows up on our field.

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