Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Dog Ate my Homework.

If a salesperson came to your door, pushed past you and started thrashing your home, you would be appalled, kick him out, and cry explanations of rudeness. As a human being you have learned what is socially acceptable, safe, and expected.

So has your dog.  If the above explanation is too familiar of your dogs front door etiquette, congratulate yourself at being an accomplished dog trainer, because each behavior is learned.

I share 5 Golden Rules in my webinar training.

Rule #1 Every time you talk, touch, or even look at your dog, you are reinforcing not only what your dog is doing in that moment, but also what he is thinking.

Ouch.....no one seems to think our behavior effects the dogs behavior, but a dog will mirror your energy. Try this....jump up and down whining. Now sit calmly and yawn.

To improve your dogs behavior, you must first take care of yourself. If you feel you are perfect, then I will believe that the dog ate your homework too.:)

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