Thursday, March 5, 2015

I sat down to write, then I realized I had nothing to say today.

As humans, we have the gift of gab....and sometimes it can be confusing or even annoying. We all seek silence at some point. There is a restaurant in Corona Del Mar with a headless woman outside.. named, "the quiet woman". It always gets a laugh, because we know, that maybe, sometimes....women talk too much :)

I am gonna talk, but I also know when to stop talking, and especially with a dog. People ask how can they train a deaf dog. I always reply, "That's easy!  A deaf dog can't hear you screw up when you talk too much!"

When I train a dog, the beginning is done all is silence. Yep. The dog doesn't understand my words yet so why keep repeating dead words until we can find a common communication to begin translating anything.  I begin each relationship with a dog by me speaking dog language to the dog first. Dog language consists of specific body movements that they instinctively understand. Then training becomes easy, because I am now on their playground and they understand me.

After I can get the dogs' respect, then I can begin teaching the dog my human language, and any task I want them to learn.

   Don't over think, 
and especially learn the 
gift of silence 
while training your dog.


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