Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Potty Training Gone Wild!

                                                                                                                                                                   Anytime a behavior changes in a dog, we don't panic, but we do not ignore it hoping it will disappear. We
address it immediately in a program I call "Back to Basics.

    Example:  A dog that has been fully potty trained is all of the sudden having accidents.. Yikes.

    First, we analyze if the dog is possibly sick (diarrhea...probably not his fault) But if there have been a few occasions of pottying (#1 or #2) then we want to nip this in the rear...literally.

    As humans we like to know the answers, the reasons, the WHY did this happen. Get over it, and just get the behavior to stop. Immediately initiate "Potty Training 101". (See blog post)  This means go back to early potty training lessons (flash back to messy puppy stage) Potty training is a 24/7 job, but even the toughest potty protesters can be rehabilitated in a two week period.

    To set your investigative mind at could have been a neighbor getting a new dog that set your dog in a whizzing twirl, or an annoying new gardener, or... it could be you are stressed out about something and in turn your dog gets stressed out. A dog has just a few thoughts or coping skills, sniff it, eat it, or wizz on it. In other words....if your dog is suddenly eating your couch....enroll your dog back into Remedial Respect Rules 101. (no current blog, but give me a call)

    Whatever the reason, re-inforce the rules calmly with clear boundaries and things should start landing in the designated areas quickly.

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