Monday, March 2, 2015

The Raw Dog

The "Raw Dog" is a term I use when testing to find out how a dogs' true temperament is when things don't go their way. In other words, if they don't get to call the shots about everything in their world, how would they react? You may seem to have a very pleasant and happy dog that exists in your home.....until you take the bone away, limit his access to the couch, kennel him, don't let him greet your guests, sit on your lap, etc. If your dog will not accept these limitations, it means your dog is the boss, head honcho, king
of the house, and ruler of YOU.

Some dogs will accept exchanging the alpha role with you, while others will protest the change in authority with a grumpy growl or even a dominating nip!  This is a sign that you know you have a spoiled or dominant dog. We laugh about spoiling our dogs, until it creates chaos and especially injury. Imagine spoiling a teenager for 16 years and then on a Saturday night, impose a curfew, a diet plan, restriction to cell phone and car usage. Uh oh....trouble starts to erupt!  The easy going teenager now shows a new undesirable side, and so does a dog in this situation...hence the label....the "Raw Dog".

Do you really know your dog?

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